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TIPS - Tools In Parenting Simplified

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The first thing I want to share with you is a saying I heard many, many years ago. It really stuck with me, ready?

Imagine, there is a child throwing a tantrum, and it's in public. We've all been there! You're getting embarrassed and all you want to do is pick them up and leave the area, OR you GIVE IN! (This idea can be used in many different scenarios.) No matter what, DON'T give in...ok, here goes, the saying i've said many times over...

"For every step backwards you take, it takes 20 more to get to where you were."

Think about you really want to do that work over again? I didn't think so. If you give in, they know you are easily swayed. You just enabled them to behave this way. Want to change their behavior? Change yours.


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